Good Times, Great People!

Going back in time a bit but want to share the story.

Hyalite Resevoir

Hyalite Resevoir

We were finally on the road after getting a slow start heading out of Sylvan Lake. Subconsciously I’m not sure if any of us were ready to leave. It was definitely a beautiful place that we will definitely visit again. Though we would miss being there we were excited to check out Montana and meet up with some friends just outside of Bozeman. It is interesting how life works and relationships are built as I had spent countless hours on the phone with my friend, Micah, as he had helped me out to promote one of my gear lines for a while, but I had yet to meet him in person. I definitely felt like I had known him for a while as we had talked business, the outdoors, and even politics for over three years, yet it was still strange to bring our huge family and trailer to his front door.

While in South Dakota my phone stopped charging all together and neither Melissa or I were getting service anyway. It had stopped somewhere along our way crossing South Dakota. It definitely made it difficult and we thought it was ironic we were getting 4G speeds on our Verizon hotspot but no phone through Sprint. While stopped to get some food in Billings, MT and it was already getting late and we still had no signal and weren’t sure if Micah had received our emails. There was a Best Buy just up from the restaurant we ate at and we made a decision to at least replace one phone. Finally we were able to call him and let him know we were on our way but running way behind and wouldn’t be there until close to 11.

I hated to show up to someone’s house that late but he said no problem, we’ll be here and everything is ready for you. It was awesome to show up to their house and have a nice comfortable room with beds set-up for us. Micah, his wife Mackenzie, and their kids made us feel like we were family that had come to town to stay for a bit. It was a great experience and we truly cannot thank them enough for their hospitality.

The kids having a great time.

The kids having a great time.

The welcome mat didn’t stop at their door either. While we were out at Hyalite Resevoir (which is amazing and wish we had more time there but the rain came in and cut our visit short) one of their friends had contacted them about a bbq they were having and even upon learning our super sized family was in tow they said to have us come too. We didn’t know them and they had no clue who we were but welcomed us into their home and fed us some great food (to include Mackenzie’s amazing fresh picked salad). It was such a great time sitting around, talking story, and enjoying the company. The kids were having a blast too! There were so many kids running around having a good time it just added to an already special time. Not sure if you all will ever see this but it was great meeting you all and thanks for making us feel like old friends.

Montana has some beautiful scenery but our fondest memories are of good times and GREAT people!



hnhOn another note, good people usually do good things and Micah is proof of that. Having served for 10 years as a Navy SEAL he has shown his dedication to our country and continues to do so as the Executive Director for Heroes and Horses. Heroes and Horses is an organization dedicated to re-galvanizing “our nation’s veterans so they can rediscover who they are, and what they can be after moving forward.” Please take the time to like this organization on facebook and share their mission with people you know and help them gain support. Their method of helping combat veterans has proven to be effective and they truly need all of our help and support.



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