Dog, For a Day!

IMG_5811We have officially left Florida and are on our way through one of our greatest adventures so far. I have learned a valuable lesson in a very short time. When you have a trailer and six kids in tow, don’t try and drive 600 miles in a day. We arrived at our campsite around 8 pm, and that is only due to the fact that we moved our clocks back an hour as we crossed into the Central Time Zone. It was definitely a long day, but we were thrilled when we saw where we were staying.

As we are planning our trips I try and find a nice place to stay within the range we are driving, but no matter how many pictures you look at or reviews you read you really never know what you are going to get. Backing our trailer into our water front property was an amazing feeling after a very long day on the road.

Butterscotch, our family dog for a day.

Butterscotch, our family dog for a day.

The kids loved it! They got out of the truck, helped us get set-up and then ran around until the sun was all the way down, and then for a little bit longer. While they loved having the lake in the back yard, and seeing a ton of geese, the fact that they had a dog for the day topped the list. We don’t know if it was a stray or belonged to the couple who ran the campground, but he had a collar and was running all over the place and was outside our trailer waiting for us when we woke up.

The kids enjoying breakfast with Butterscotch

The kids enjoying breakfast with Butterscotch

The geese enjoying the peaceful surroundings, until...

The geese enjoying the peaceful surroundings, until…

The kids affectionately called him Butterscotch. He would even answer to the name and rush over to come and play with them. I think he missed them so much when they went to bed that he took one of Shane’s and one of Bella’s shoes. We were looking all over the place for them and we couldn’t believe they lost one of their shoes so fast. When I saw Butterscotch come and nip at Shane’s remaining shoe the search party began for where the surreptitious canine hid the shoes.

Butterscotch chasing off the geese.

Butterscotch chasing off the geese.

Looking high and low we thought the party was over when a partial flip-flop that had been chewed to bits was found. It was about the right size to be Bella’s, but there wasn’t enough left to identify. Too bad shoes don’t have dental records. With our heads hanging low in defeat we thought we were out two pair of shoes, but then a glimmer of hope. The kids saw Butterscotch hanging out by another campsite where he was being fed by the guy there. It wasn’t his dog but he had been feeding him for a while. When they walked over to check things out, among a menagerie of lost and abandoned campsite belongings, lie the missing shoes.

Even though little Butterscotch messed with us a bit, it was great having him around. He would chase the geese off which was fun to watch and put smiles on all of the kids faces. If we would have let him in I am sure we would have had a new companion for 27 loops. It was definitely nice having a dog, even if only for a day.


This beautiful park is one we would love to come back to. Not too far from Chattanooga in Jasper, TN sitting on the Tennessee River and Nickajack Lake is Marion County Park.

Call Roy & Linda Layne at 423-942-6653 for reservations. Campers: $20 per night Tents: $10


  • Carolyn (Bella's Mom) says:

    Great write-up! Glad the kids had fun.

  • Sharon Walters says:

    Looks like a beautiful place, Dog looks like a dog we had named Goubie after my Uncle. Glad the shoes were found and the kids had a dog for the day. stay safe and have fun.

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