Discover the WHAT, Develop the HOW!

IMG_49192I have recently seen some posts online from friends regarding a desire to travel. Some here in the US, some to distant places around the world, and others all of the above.  We definitely have that same kind of desire.  There are so many beautiful places that we want to experience and that is what has led us to where we are now.  If you haven’t seen or heard exactly what we are doing, then here is the quick synopsis.

We have sold our house. Stored, sold, or given away most of our possessions. Purchased a travel trailer, a couple of canoes, and have hit the road.  For over a month now this has been home. We haven’t left the state of Florida, but will in just over a week as we make our way towards Yellowstone National Park. We have plotted out destinations across the country and have dedicated the next two years to this adventure.

It was not an easy decision.  We owned a nice house in a very nice neighborhood with good schools.  Our neighbors were great and it was a place we loved raising the kids.  We went through so many emotional ups and downs as the decision became more and more real.  We were excited at the opportunity, sad we were moving, amazed that we made the choice, incredibly nervous about what lay ahead.  We have trusted that God will provide each step of the way, and we have had some experiences already that have no logical answer other than God’s divine intervention.

My business affords me to be able to operate via the phone and internet, so as long as we have those I should be able to move forward.  However, so much of it is sales based and I have to sell or…  Well, I am sure you can figure it out. It definitely isn’t the easiest thing either.  Early morning or later at night is when I seem to get most of my work done.  I have to schedule my time and be very efficient at what I do or it will be even more difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

Life on the road has brought its own challenges.  Our living quarters have been dramatically reduced in size and we have to shuffle between day and night living to make things work the way we need them to. We have six children from age two to twelve and we want to be comfortable while we are in our travel trailer.  So far that hasn’t been a problem at all and we have found our way into a groove that keeps things moving.

The biggest challenges I have seen people state online are time and money.  Trust me, money is definitely a challenge and will continue to be, but we are choosing how we want to spend our money and have decided to find a way to make it work for us and our desire to travel.  Time is another issue and always seems to be one as we go through life.  Time is the great equalizer as we all have the same amount of it.  Again, it is a choice on how we use ours.  We have chosen to be on a path that takes us to destinations we have wanted to explore our whole life.

Through all of the challenges you will continually be forced to choose a way.  To continue to do the things the way you always have, or to make a change that allows you to be where you want when you want.  Not everyone wants to live in a travel trailer full-time, and I get it.  However, since doing research for this lifestyle I have seen so many that travel all over full-time and they do it in so many different ways.  They found what has worked for them.  If the desire is strong enough that you are willing to make sacrifices and face challenges head on, then do it. Figure out the what, then develop the how.

Remember, we have six kids, are a blended family that comes back to Florida monthly for visitation, have a limited budget, but we still found a way to live this dream.  If we found a way, you can do it too!

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