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The first loop is officially behind us. It was an abbreviated loop due to work, the end of the school year, and other things we had to get done, but it was definitely a great experience. We stayed eleven nights at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and took some time to relax and break into our new life. Being based in Key Largo we spent most of our time there, but we took some time to explore throughout the rest of the Keys as well.

IMG_4525We really didn’t step into our daily routine on this trip. We wanted to get used to the new accommodations and get a feel for what life was going to be like living in a travel trailer. We definitely spent a lot of our time outside of the trailer, but spent plenty of time inside as well. The mosquitoes were in full force and working together like a long line of ants taking food back to their hill, they nearly flew off with poor Alyssa. ;) There was definitely no shortage of the mosquitoes, but plenty of spray and some time inside helped us keep a few spots on our legs and arms welt free.

From our campsite it was a short walk to Cannon Beach where the kids would have fun swimming and the older ones swimming out to the replica ship wreck with cannons. The beach was heavy with seaweed but it was still nice to spend some time in the water and cool off a bit. The one night I didn’t bring the camera we saw a big water spout off in the distance. It was pretty wild and surreal to swim around and watch something so powerful swirling through the ocean.

Beyond the water spout, rain when we were leaving Key West, and maintaining my current streak of heavy rain while I pack-up a campsite, we had great weather. Some sprinkles here and there but nothing that impacted what we were doing. Typical Florida summer temperatures, but nothing was overly uncomfortable.

DCIM773GOPROFreezing temperatures will be much more difficult for us to handle in our trailer so we spent some time exploring other areas we may want to camp in while we get to play the part of snow bird this coming winter. Bahia Honda was a nice park and the kids had a great time messing around down there. Was pretty much a whole day of swimming and playing in the water, which I think they could do all day every day. Especially Lydia, that girl is a little water baby!

SouthernmostWe took the drive down to Key West and had some plans of things we wanted to do and see, but had our day cut in half as we need to go and print some documents to sign and email back to finish the closing for our house. Thank God, our house is sold! Listed, sold, and closed in less than two months. That is a big weight off of our shoulders and is truly a blessing to have it go so fast. We did go and take the obligatory picture at the Southernmost Point Buoy and enjoyed some delicious pie at Key West Key Lime Pie Company. There are quite a few things we still want to check out, maybe on a snowbird loop!

Christ of the DeepWe would even like to come back to John Pennekamp in the future. It was a good time and great people there, even though we stayed longer than most. Some neighbors shared some great food, kids from all over the park coming down the road and playing outside until sunset (maybe even a little after), and having full hook-ups was nice too. I took the older three out on one of the snorkel trips and we saw the Christ of the Deep statue. At about nine feet tall, it is impressive seeing this statue under water. Here is a site I found that gives a quick history of the statue:


While we were out in the water, Melissa took the little ones to Theater of the Sea in Islamorada. Wish I could have seen their faces while they saw the different animals, but Melissa took some great pics. There was a lot that we did an enjoyed while we were there and I am going to try and write on here to keep everyone up to date, but I have been posting pics regularly to the facebook page. Still trying to find a good solution to managing all the pics on this page, but until then, please follow us at

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