Haiku Time

sign webToday we took a trip to the The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, who’s “mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native and migratory wild birds that have been harmed or displaced, to provide or locate a humane shelter for those birds that cannot be released, and to educate the public toward the importance of coexistence with all wild bird species.” You can find them at http://fkwbc.org/ Visiting a place like this is a great place to have a close look at some amazing birds. As with anything we do on 27 Loops we try to turn any and every adventure into an educational experience and the kids were assigned to choose one of the birds present and write a haiku about their particular bird.

It was nice seeing the kids take a greater interest in their chosen bird and sit and write about it while taking breaks a long the path.  All of the birds in the photos below were at the Wild Bird Center, unfortunately not all of them will have a chance to make it back to the wild.

Shane wrote about the Barn Owl:

Shane haiku web











Isaac about a peregrine falcon:

Isaac Haiku web











Bella about a great horned owl:

Bella Haiku web











Alyssa about a barred owl:

Alyssa haiku web











Colt about a Merlin:

Colton haiku web








Last but not least, Mel got into the action with one of her own about a pelican:

Mommy haiku web










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