Which Way Do We Go?


The day we leave for our amazing journey of 27 Loops is approaching incredibly fast and there is still so much to do. We are finalizing a few things to make sure we are ready to go but it seems the list grows each day. Painting, flooring, and more as we finish a few renovations to make the house more appealing as we prepare to put it on the market and pray it sells quickly. The endless sorting of countless belongings to decide what will go, what we will store, and then what is being sold or thrown away. It is amazing how much ‘stuff’ we have accumulated over the years and there is definitely a limited amount we will be able to bring with us. No matter where we look or how close to being done we think we are, there seems to be one more thing added to the list each day.

One of the major tasks ahead of us is filling the loops. Having things somewhat, and flexibly mapped out for where and what we are doing. If you have ever planned a trip or vacation and have taken time to create some form of itinerary you might be able to imagine the daunting task that lays before me as I plan out 27 loops that are each four weeks long. We have sat down as a family and listed the basic destinations or places that we want to see and have a tentative assignment for each loop. However, many of you have been to or near these places (or others we haven’t thought of) and have some amazing insight into things to see or do while we are there. Please help us fill the loops with amazing and educational experiences for our family. Whether it be hikes, scenic outlooks, museums, or anything else that would add to the journey, we would love to hear from you so we can enjoy the experience as well.

In no particular order we have these places lumped together in a loop (some is for specific events, family or friends, or a specific park):

New York City/Niagara Falls/Rhode Island
Mount Rushmore/ Yellowstone
New Mexico/Arizona
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Florida Keys
New Orleans
Glacier National Park
Oregon Coast
California (southern and northern different loops)
Arches National Park
Washington DC
And more…

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  • Daneet says:

    Lion country safari
    This place is great! You can hear the lions all night long. It is located just outside of west palm beach. If you are going to the keys.

    Mote in islamorada and the key is great!

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