27 Loops

Our KidsLife always has an interesting way of bringing things into perspective.  Sometimes we focus on things we find important at the time only to realize it has been a distraction, a preoccupation lulling us away from what truly matters.  Careers, money, success…  things that are or can be important but in the grand scheme of life aren’t what matters most to us (though we don’t have to look very far to see what does).

As the maelstrom of toys and clothes pummel every inch of our home, we can’t help but recognize what it is that we truly value – the love of our children – all SIX of them!  God has truly blessed us with wonderful kids that are fun to be around.  We have supported them and been a part of their lives in many ways.  Supporting them as they have played soccer, football, cheered, sang in church choir, or any of the other ten thousand events that come a long with our tribe.  We love it!

More than supporting them from the sidelines, we like to be involved.  We want to be with them, being a part of the experience: out on a hike with them in nature, teaching them to fish, visiting some new place we have never been, it doesn’t matter, just want it to be with them. During these times it is when all of us seem to be enjoying life the most.  However,time is going too fast and the kids are growing up before our eyes. There are so many things we want to do and see but we are running out of time to do them with the kids while they are with us.

It has often been said that the two guarantees in life are death and taxes, however, I would like to add a third.  The 24 hour day.  No matter who you are or where you live you will have no more time than anyone else, and your day will always be 24 hours long.  This isn’t some deep philosophical realization, just a simple acceptance of the truth.  Acknowledging this uncomplicated facet of life has led us to an interesting turning point in our lives.

So much enjoyment comes from the experiences we have together and we know we cannot get more time.  Though the acquisition of extra time is impossible, the delegation of how time is spent is well within our control.  We have the power to decide how we will utilize our 24 hours and we want to make the best of each and every one of them, so we are choosing to devote more of that time to one another.

Preparation has begun for what will undoubtedly be one of the greatest adventures of our life. After the kids finish the school year we will be embarking on a two year journey, working and schooling on the road full-time while we explore this great nation of ours.  The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Washington DC, New York… the list goes on of places we intend to visit and experience.

Our situation is somewhat unique from the many other people who travel full-time as we are a blended family.  Yours, Mine, and Ours rings true at our house as we came together with five (he had three, she had two) and were blessed to seal everything together with number six.  Most full-time families are able to move on from one destination to the other moving as they see fit, however, we need to operate differently and will be coming back to Florida every four weeks for the other parents to see their perspective kids. This will allow us to see family and friends on a regular basis and even offer us the opportunity to worship at our church here.  Every four weeks will open a new chapter as we embark on a new loop.  We are planning out our two years and have put together a total of 27 loops during that time. 27 new adventures and experiences we get to have together and we will see where it brings us. Please stay in touch with us and keep up with the Joneses at 27loops.com

God Bless,

Brian and Melissa Jones

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  • Connie aka Mammaw Nut says:

    SKIPE or something like t!

  • Gee Dupree says:

    Take me with you! ;)

  • Carolyn Pinho says:

    All the best to you and your adventures and remember that Hawai’i is also part of the United States with a lot of history, cultural, and educational relevance. You’ll need plane tickets for this loop though. :)

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  • Sherece Smith says:

    In reading this story I am happy and sad all balled into one. Happy because I think this is a great opportunity for a great da,only and if any one can pull it off and complete the 27 loops it will definitely be the Joneses. I have had the please of working with this family and getting to know them and I truly can say what a great family this is and. You will truly be missed. Especially my Lydia I watched her grow from a swaddled baby to a bouncing beautiful full,of life little girl.. I will mis a you the jones family.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sherece! We will miss you all too. Should be a great adventure and am really looking forward to the experience.

  • Tyler Trussell says:

    Brian I have always known you as a daring man. Goodluck on your trip. Have fun. Hope to see you around again soon.

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