The Marble House

Newport Mansions

While out on our Loops we have had opportunities to see so many amazing things, and one of the things we enjoy most is visiting historic locations. This isn’t anything … Continue Reading →

Great place for lunch.

Military Park – Newark, NJ

While visiting NYC we were camping about 45 miles outside of the city in New Jersey. Though I drove into the city one day and parked (a whole other story) … Continue Reading →



When we were planning our loops and decided that we were going to be in New York on 9/11 we made a decision that we had to go to the … Continue Reading →

Old Faithful

Old Faithful.

Going back in time a bit but want to share the story. Sometimes I like to surprise the kids with what we are doing for the day and this day … Continue Reading →

Hyalite Resevoir

Good Times, Great People!

Going back in time a bit but want to share the story. We were finally on the road after getting a slow start heading out of Sylvan Lake. Subconsciously I’m … Continue Reading →

Loopy heading back to his herd.

Back Country Adventure

Up in the morning with the rising sun… We woke up just before 4 am to get moving and head out towards Lamar Valley so we could take a nice … Continue Reading →



What an amazing day! We left Elk Point early this morning to start our trek across the state to our new campground in Custer State Park. Driving across South Dakota … Continue Reading →

Butterscotch, our family dog for a day.

Dog, For a Day!

We have officially left Florida and are on our way through one of our greatest adventures so far. I have learned a valuable lesson in a very short time. When … Continue Reading →


Discover the WHAT, Develop the HOW!

I have recently seen some posts online from friends regarding a desire to travel. Some here in the US, some to distant places around the world, and others all of … Continue Reading →


Amazing Coral Reefs!

Some people might think that Coral Reefs are just fish and their homes, but it is so much more.  Amazing Florida coral reefs take it to a whole new level … Continue Reading →